Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vintage Market

This afternoon I took a trip uptown to explore numerous fascinating shops at The Fillmore, which housed a compelling Vintage Market filled with Charlotte's most talented artist, jewelers, thrifters, and so much more. Thrift includes a significant portion of my home and closet. I absolutely love finding new love in old things, and today I certainly fell in love with each innovative market I ventured to. 
Each booth was magical, bearing adorable vintage and handmade items.

One of my favorite of the innovative shops today was, Luce Antica, with fabulous, innovative, industrial lighting.

I find value in making and mending my own things and I personally enjoyed these interesting hand-stitched pieces!

Alas beautifully crafted jewelry from Agate & Elm
I loved the presentation provided, including a lovely arrangement of woodgrain and potted plants. 

Overall I had a wonderful time seeing all the local talent and supporting as well by buying a few lovely things while browsing.

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