Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jars & Things.

As a college student, I find myself occupied most of the time; between studio classes (which are three hours each!), executing projects in a timely manner, and extra curricular activities I feel i barely have time to breathe. This week I've been working on the transformation of a book based on the interpretation of a poem. We were each given a book to manipulate, and the freedom to choose a poem that describes you. I selected a poem titled The Artist Within by Linda Lively; this poem spoke to me because I feel like we live in a world by the standards of society. It is important to stay true to yourself, I've learned 
the indivdual has always struggled
 not to be overwhelmed by the crowd
From that understanding i try to avoid society and its gravitational pull to be "normal"
and I rise in my "weirdness" and embrace it, and I believe that allows me to separate myself from the "crowd". 

My little collection of treasures.

Living in a dorm is extremely restricting, I do what I can to try it make it feel like home. I take pride in my collection of jars, and will continually add to. The thing I enjoy about jars is the versatility! In a dorm storage is a big issue for me,  incorporating my obsession and making it useful is just a plus!

Plants are probably the main thing I tend to store in my jars, but i use them for other things like beads, pens, paint brushes etc however owning plants is like having a pet. You have something to care for and you get to watch it grow, its astonishing!

To create the geometric shape as I did you'll need:
Four 5 foot threads
20 straws
 (12 one color + longer)
(8 another color + a bit shorter)
I cut the green straws right under the bend and the yellow two inches shorter, but thats for you to decide!

This is sort of a project on its own, but I wanted to incorporate it into my book! 
To begin, separate your thread into two pairs and knot them together in the middle.
Then apply a long straw to each section!

Next, take a short straw and one thread from each of the green straws and thread them through the shorter straw. Repeat this with all four times until all of your green and yellow straws make triangles together.
After this you will repeat steps one and two again using the rest of your straws!

Once I got to this stage, I knew I wasn't finished, yet, I couldn't decide what to add to integrate the book with the metal without taking away from the rest of the composition.

When I found this twine in my craft box I knew immediatly I wanted to work with it.
I basically unraveled it and let it stay where it originally laid. 

I am an artist
a creator each day,
In all that I do
In all that I say.
In darkness comes light
showing the way,
to create what I please
on my journey each day.
I'm a photographer,
a painter much more,
from music to dancing
each day I do soar.
Gliding through the world
love all about,
the artist within
floats upward and out.
Surrounded by family
leading the way,
to that place within
where peace lives each day.
In the stillness a voice
so softly descends,
bringing forth the artist
the artist within.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Initial Success

Last night was the event I've been waiting for, the Four Magazine Launch Party! A night of art, culture, networking, and success. An occasion of collective talent in Charlotte, North Carolina at The New Gallery of Modern Art . There were intrueguing conversations, exquisite art, an overall compelling gathering. It was so cool to share the success with Ciara, and photograph the experience. I took a million pictures, selecting these among others was difficult. Enjoy the night with us.

The lady of the night, gorgeous, needles to say.


Mrs. Butler, The producer of this family of artist, caterer of the night,
 and mother of a life time was stunning tonight. 

Your photographer, gazing...