Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today's Project: Plant Love

Plants in Jars has been a long love of mine, theres something enjoyable about re-using vases and jars to make interesting glass planters. Lately, my mom has been redoing our garden and the other day she asked me to help choose some flowers for an upcoming project. Knowing my undoubted interest in plants I accepted of course and off we went, flower shopping.
After coming home and looking at what we'd bought I searched for a few jars to mix and match. As soon as everything was planted and watered my curious cats decided to check them out. lol Eventually the largest ones will hang on a shepherds hook by a large double wrapped twine. The hook has been unused thus far, while we went back and fourth deciding what to hang from it, however, we'll need my dad's help to finish that part of the project. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, dedicated to those who served our country, has become a weekend of relaxation and ours was nothing short of that. We packed up and headed out to the National WhiteWater Center where they hosted: kayak and raft races, live music, and fireworks. Trying to avoid the sun for a bit we wandered to a nature trail for a light hike, ropes course excursion, and views of the lake; it was quite nice actually, roaming the woods with the music guiding our adventure. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Around The Room.

Since settling back into my room, an personal gallery display, I've established a new admiration for the work left behind. There's an level of variation and innovation in the bunch some being acrylic, watercolor, sharpie, or a combination of a few different mediums incorporation things like beads, feathers, and thread. Each piece featured around the room was created either: in my senior portfolio for AP Art, or manifested sometime throughout my freshman year at Western Carolina in one class or another.  I've always expressed a love for fashion and creativity and when I developed the lust to generate art I feel I incorporated that same style in my work and into my room. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Generally my favorite colors tend to be severely muted tones such as; olive, gray, and rose. This unconscious decision is prevalent in  my day-to-day journeys and the things I generally gravitate toward and therefore own. There's something about the subtlety that is compelling, enough to motivate the direction of my belongings. My room, a pale gray, is such a personal place filled with almost every work of art I've created yet. Its rewarding to see everything simultaneously as a collection in such an intimate space. My room is my own personal gallery, conceptualized, designed, and curated by me.