Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let the Games Begin!

Today, a particularly windy winter day is spent supporting my school at a basketball game. I am not personally involved in school sports (other than yoga, if thats considered a sport) however as a WCU Catamount I enjoy attending basketball games hoping to encourage our team to win. On the way to the game we stop to snap a few photos before daylight ends and steals the warm sun. I tend to like layering  to get optimum comfort in the chill of winter wind, especially since were in the mountains. The weather varies so many different temperatures during the course of the day it's hard to keep up. 

This photo from the game is featured on my instagram @stacyferg 

Friday, January 25, 2013

It takes TWO!

I've been so busy I hadn't had a chance to post about our big day! This past Tuesday, the 23rd of January was me and my boyfriends 2 year aniversary. He and I (an extremely laid back couple) traveled to Franklin, NC to +Ruby Cinemas  to see Zero Dark Thirty. Along the way I snapped photo after photo of the radiance surrounding us. I find myself fascinated with the horizon and plan on taking a day in the near future to kick back and just watch the sun set with my love. Tuesday may have been a significant milestone in our relationship, yet everyday we grow closer together and more compassionate. I love to document our precious time together, which is generally 24/7 considering I never leave his side. He is my friend, my lover, my balance, and my other half. Happy Anivarsary love<3

The perfect gift, my personal favorite among others.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Desktop Inspirations

As and artist and aspiring fashionista I gain inspiration from several distinct sources. My main influences would be nature, ancient civilizations, and artwork inspirations prevalent in my focus and style of art. As a photographer I enjoy documenting my life daily whether its an outfit, an outing, or an adventure, I take my camera everywhere. For these pics I didn't have to go very far at all. Originally the idea of living in a dorm was unimaginable, however, now with all the projects and decorating I've done it feels like a representation of who I am as a person crammed into a limited space. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dine and Dash!

Christmas break has come and gone swiftly, and the time has come for school to pick-up again. This is a good thing however, I'm quite excited to continue on my journey as an art student, doing the things I love. Today my parents and I drove up to Cullowhee to grab lunch and say farewell yet again. Nick & Nates, a tasteful homestyle restaurant had a lovely essence my parents and I enjoyed with delicious food as well. We all had a wonderful afternoon discussing ambitions and the transitions we all go through. 

While we wait for our cookies,