Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quite Behind Schedule...

I've been waiting a while to post photos from my fathers day adventure considering I've started a new job, I am currently taking summer classes, and internship/free lance photography and can no longer find any spare time. Instead of trying to have a quick meaningless Fathers day before going off to work on   Sunday morning June 16, I decided to create a card to present to him and demise an adventure we could go on that would engage our mutual music addiction. 

Because we didn't get to enjoy fathers day on fathers day I made plans to take my dad out on the town to a local record store where we enjoyed talented artist, rythems and beats. I cultivated a playlist of some of my favorite modern artist including Toro Y Moi and he pulled a number of his favorite oldies for me. 

Its interesting to hang-out with your parents as an adult and see parts of yourself in them. My father and I have always been free spirited music lovers among other things. I resemble him in more than appearance and to notice now just how much is enlightening.

One of my favorite attributes me and my father share is our love of music.

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