Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today's Project: Plant Love

Plants in Jars has been a long love of mine, theres something enjoyable about re-using vases and jars to make interesting glass planters. Lately, my mom has been redoing our garden and the other day she asked me to help choose some flowers for an upcoming project. Knowing my undoubted interest in plants I accepted of course and off we went, flower shopping.
After coming home and looking at what we'd bought I searched for a few jars to mix and match. As soon as everything was planted and watered my curious cats decided to check them out. lol Eventually the largest ones will hang on a shepherds hook by a large double wrapped twine. The hook has been unused thus far, while we went back and fourth deciding what to hang from it, however, we'll need my dad's help to finish that part of the project. 

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