Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project: The Drip

As the year progresses I feel my projects are becoming more abstracted; less conventional that is. This week I was influenced by artist/sculpture Andy Goldsworthy. An authentic artist composing completely natural-made sculptures from things you could find on a walk like; leaves, flowers, rocks, bark, limbs, etc.

Originally I wanted to do something very organic and rustic. When I found the bamboo I decided to make an outdoor dreamcatcher or mobile out of things I had found as I roamed. 

When everyone turned in their assignments my teacher complained that we were to predictable and ordered that we redo the project. He gave us the week of spring break to rethink more authentic designs and we would all come back and converge to critique the project again. Distraught by the unexpected redo I was forced to consider other natural elements. While I was home I found these old Fluorescent Candles I got from a thrift store a while ago; as soon as I came across the box an idea sparked.
These candles are designed to melt and drip excessively, what better element to play around with than fire?! But seriously it was unexpectedly sublime, I was so pleased with the results and I had a blast watching it all happen. 
Picked these up for .50 cent at a thrift shop in the area, I knew I wanted to use them, but for what? I didn't know yet.

Initially I was satisfied with the results, and as of now this root beer and bible are bound by the wax. Seeing how I have four more candles to burn I'll probably be doing this project a few more times sporadically in the future. 

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