Thursday, March 7, 2013

As of Late,

This week, as usual, has been hectic. Current students, like myself, are midway through the semester and teachers are packing on the projects, papers, and as for me I've had two midterms this week. Never the less I've been good at accomplishing goals and managing my schedule; I'm most excited about my business cards I've been looking forward to receiving these for a while now and I think their perfect!

I'm currently taking a Social Entrepreneurship class and one of our projects is to get business cards and market ourselves. I've been wanting to update for a while now and this project just gave me a reason to! I love how my school work really lines up with the things I'm currently doing in my life.

This project for my 3D Design class was about making things that are normally small, large. Continuing this weeks theme (with the business cards and all) I decided to make a plush canvas bee.

Mixed media has always been something I enjoy, whereas sculpture is something new to me. I admire the freedom I have in such classes to incorporate things that are dear to me; like these rocks I've been collecting each time I've been hiking here in the Great Smoky Mountains.


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