Sunday, January 6, 2013

Its better to DIY

I've always been one to create my own little crafts rather than buying things at the store. I don't like the idea of owning and wearing things that other people have therefore I'm always cutting and sewing fabric together to recreate the item how I envisioned it. Based on the fabrics used I almost always see potential to rework items I already own to invoke a more eclectic feel to match my style, which I would describe as Vintage Boho meets Modern Urban wear.
The clutch featured below is one of the latest DIY pieces added to my eclectic, thrifty, wardrobe.

Your finished product will look exactly like this unless you wish to make a versatile strap as I did.  I used plastic chain link on the inside to make it possible to remove the strap by unhooking the two plastic links, rather than reusing jewelry plyers for the metal links, thus easily making this clutch versatile. 

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